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Care and Use

What's the best way to wash my VIEV garment?

Wash your VIEV garment in a washing machine using warm (104°) water. Use powder or liquid detergent; don't use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Tumble dry on a normal, warm setting.  read more

Why do I need to use a water repellent treatment on my VIEV garment?

The outermost fabric of a VIEV garment is treated with an ultrathin coating called a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. This coating causes water to bead up and roll off, instead of being absorbed. DWR-treated fabrics provide additional water protection and prevent liquid from penetrating the outer fabric: a condition known as "wet out" that can make you feel damp and clammy. Regul... read more

What's the life expectancy of a VIEV garment?

The GORE-TEX membrane in VIEV garments won't deteriorate with time, and our garments are guaranteed to be durably waterproof and breathable. If you maintain your garment properly, you can expect it to last a long time. read more

My garment has wrinkles in it. How can I get them out?

You can either dry iron (no steam) or tumble dry your garment for 15-20 minutes using low heat and tossing in a damp towel. Use the recommended heat setting per the care tag in your garment. Do not use steam from any source. read more

It feels like there could be leaks in my garment. What should I do?

If the inside of your garment feels damp, a leak could be the problem, or it could be time to renew the durable water repellent (DWR) finish. As the DWR starts to wear off through abrasion, dirt and general usage, the garment can wet out, particularly in the shoulder and upper back areas. Even though the garment remains waterproof, external moisture can create a feeling of dampness an... read more

How often should I wash my garment?

Wash your garment as often as you need to. Regularly washing and tumble drying actually helps restore the water-repellency performance of your garment. read more
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Fabric Technology

What is GORE-TEX fabric?

First introduced in 1978, GORE-TEX® fabric is created when we laminate our patented GORE-TEX® membrane to high performance textiles, which are then used by authorized garment manufacturers to make outerwear, accessories, and footwear. read more

What is the life expectancy of a VIEV garment with GORE-TEX?

The GORE-TEX membrane in VIEV garments won't deteriorate with time, and they are guaranteed to be durably waterproof and breathable. If you properly maintain your garment, you can expect it to last a very long time. read more

How durable is GORE-TEX fabric?

GORE-TEX fabric will last for many years. It's incredibly durable, and unlike other waterproof/breathable fabrics that can lose waterproofness after repeated laundering, flexing, abrasion, exposure to body oils or insect spray, the waterproofness and breathability of GORE-TEX fabric is guaranteed under any conditions you may encounter. read more

How does the GORE-TEX membrane in VIEV garments work?

Each square inch of the GORE-TEX membrane has nine billion pores. Each of these tiny pores is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet. This is what makes the membrane waterproof: rain and snow simply cannot get in. But waterproof is only half – or one third – of the story. Because the GORE-TEX membrane is also breathable and windproof. read more